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Marie Olsson Nylander We’re living in a world where almost everything is changing in a fast speed. We’re living in a throwaway and high consuming society where many things are fake and the real and true things are the most sought after…and they’re rare. Remember when I wrote how I would like to decorate my home in one of my earlier blogpost? I wanted to fill my home with objects and furnitures that had a story to tell……old, broken…with beautiful patina, traces that showed they had been living. Not furnitures and objects that are newly produced with fake patina, those things looks dead to me. Many companies that are producing furnitures and decoration for homes are catching up on the trends that are inspired of vintage, industrial and colonial style. I’ve seen many products that have been newly produced with fake patina and I’ve been fairly impressed. It is so easy to see they’re newly produced and instead of bringing the charming ambiance it looks more cheap and dead.

I would rather go to flea markets and antique galleries to dig for the real things with true aging and with their own unique story to tell…

So how does my dream home looks like? Well, the way Marie Olsson Nylander, a Swedish Interior Designer, decorated her house is more or less how I would like my home to look like. White floors and walls is the optimal color to highlight and bring out the interior in a home. The colours of the furnitures and objects are given their own voices without beeing distracted by other overtaking colors in the background. When decorating a home it’s important to know how to combine colors, patterns and textures in a way that doesn’t hurt the eye, everything has to be in balance with each other and I believe Marie Olsson Nylander did a great job in that perspective. Check the photos below and create your own opinion:

Marie Olsson NylanderI like the big planter on the table, its made by fibrated cement and it reminds me of the “elephant ears” designed by Willy Guhl. The fiberglass chairs are designed by Charles Eames.

Marie Olsson NylanderPerfect working table in wood and the industrial factory lamp in zinc with washed patina hanging down from the ceiling.Marie Olsson Nylander

Marie Olsson NylanderThe circular worn iron staircase is a perfect match for the interior in this home.

Marie Olsson NylanderBeautiful worn out leather club arm chair, nice kelim floor cushion and wooden table. Very ethnic goes vintage-style!


Marie Olsson NylanderMarie Olsson Nylander

Marie Olsson NylanderShutters with beautiful patina are perfect for decoration.

Marie Olsson NylanderGiving new life to an old worn out leather gym bench.

Marie Olsson Nylander

Marie Olsson NylanderAll the photos have been taken by Sara Svenningrud and they’ve been published

in the Swedish Interior Design magazine Residence Magazine.

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  • AKLI
    26 April 2012 at 13:01

    Awesomely beautiful! The picture with the armchair is straight from paradise!

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