Nightlife Paris



@ Carmen in Paris, photo taken by my friend Vanessa

The beautiful dark color that my hairdresser dyed my hair with 2 months ago is stucked as glue. I thought it would, like other haircolors, be a bit lightened by the sun and by time…but no, it’s still the same as for two months ago. Means it must have been a really good haircolor my hairdresser used ;-) Now I’m used to the color and I love it :-)

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  • Pato
    07 July 2011 at 20:31

    Hej Solli! Svart är fortfarande snyggt, ja. :) När kommer du till Stockholm igen? Jag var hos George på Kronan igår och han ska lägga “räls” på mig i september. Ett nödvändigt ont. :/ Kram!

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