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Oenosteria, a piece of paradise in Paris

It was last year that I discovered one of my top favourite Italian restaurants in Paris, Oenosteria. I was still living at Boulevard Saint Germain in the Odéon area and in the end of August when the restaurant opened I was very curious and went there with a friend to discover their menu. As soon as we had tried their mindblowing, creamy burrata we knew it was pure love. Usually we share two starters, always a plate with burrata (the BEST served in Paris! )and asparagus, tomatoes and a plate with prosciutto or breasola with wild rockets, parmesan, pine nuts and lemon and we share a maincourse, usually lasagna or pasta. Their food is made of love and you can tell that easily when eating there. It’s pure, fresh and almost everything comes from Italy. Everything is made simple, the cheese and the charcuteries are served on wooden cutting boards, the menu of the day is written on a chalk board (in Italian), there is a Industrial atmosphere with elements with rivets in the ceiling and tables that resembles school tables with random chairs. I’ve been eating regularly at the restaurant since last year and I go there a at least once or twice a week and by now I’ve become friend with the very charming and funny staff :-)

It’s not possible to reserve a table, but if it’s crowded you can always have a glass of wine and sit outside until there is a free table. They’re open from 10 – midnight and you find the restaurant on a quiet sidestreet to Boulevard Saint Germain:

Oenosteria – 40 rue Grégoire de Tours, 75006 Paris, Tel: 01 77 15 94 13

Breasola with wild rockets, parmesan, pine nuts and lemon

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  • Akli
    03 April 2012 at 11:41

    Oenosteria in Paris!

    I went there yesterday, late in the evening, the experience was great.

    The people ( staff!) there were so nice, I(I am french, working currently in Paris, leaving near London!)
    was trying to talk to them with my little knowledge of italian about football but I am glad they did most of the talking!
    The food was really fresh and nice.
    strongly recommend the place!

    Great Blog Solli by the way!

  • Solli
    03 April 2012 at 20:00

    Akli – so fun! Hope you liked the food :-) I was there several times a week when I was living there so if u go there next time say hi from me!

  • Akli
    04 April 2012 at 9:05

    Hi Solli,

    I went to the Oenosteria (after my regular run around the seine!) quite late at 10.30 pm so I only took a light meal. In fact I was only trying to get a take away sandwich but when I entered the restaurant, the warm atmosphere and the friendly staff welcomed me so well that I decided to stay. The place was recommended to me by an Italian barman at “the Moose” (the Canadian pub around the corner close to the restaurant, where I watch my football team Arsenal play) who expressly told me I had to go there!

    I sat at the counter and watch the cook prepare my meal with the “delicatesse” of a three star Michelin chef. (2 towers made of cheese, tomatoes and aubergines if I remember well) The food was exquisite! The waiter suggested I take Chianti also. That was a perfect end of the day!

    I think I will try to follow your path and will probably go there on a regular basis! I will also say “Hi” from you next time I go there; maybe I will get a free pudding thanks to you!

  • Solli
    05 April 2012 at 17:08

    Hi Akli – a run around Seine…now you really make me jealous! I was not that ambitious when I was living in St Germain…but I did have a walk around Seine very often…
    The atmosphere is indeed warm at Oenosteria and I’m sure they’re taking good care of you :-) Try their burrata…it’s to die for! Tell them you’ve seen my blogposts about them and hopefully they’ll invite you for a slice of their delicious tiramisú or panna cotta……and tell the crew I miss them :-) Enjoy Oenosteria!

  • Akli
    11 April 2012 at 8:25

    My Tiramisu was probably triple the normal size. That’s what’s happened at the Oenosteria yesterday when I started the evening by bringing on a plate you very very warm welcome to the smiling staff.Thanks to you Solli I received my reward…

    I was geared for the Burrata as you kindly suggested, unfortunately it was not on the menu that night (Shame but never mind!). But then my mind was still filled with a fresh memory of your beautiful picture of asparagus. I therefore went for the “Aversa asperges truffles” (asparagus); That was a sublime choice.A fine Chianti to go with it and my evening was a delight!

  • Solli
    11 April 2012 at 19:27

    Akli- Lucky you! Im happy they treated you well :-) The burrata is very popular…and sought after..but it’s worth a try…because once you try the burrata you will never go back to mozzarella! Their asparagus (yes, I did misspelled it in the heading and on the photo…) is delicious! I’ve had the asparagus with truffles before…lovely dish! And Im so jealous!!!

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