Heavenly delicious burrata served with asparagus and chopped tomatoes @ Oenosteria

Oenosteria is my absolute favourite Italian restaurant in Paris, a restaurant that I used to have dinners at very often when I was living in Saint Germain. I’m going to write more about the restaurant in another blogpost…now I’m going to introduce you to their mouthwatery burrata they serve and that is the best I’ve ever tasted. I ALWAYS use to have the burrata at Oenosteria with asparagus and chopped tomatoes, prosciutto crudo, crusty bread and olive oil and black pepper on top of it.

Burrata looks like mozzarella, but the taste and how it’s made is what differs them from each other. Burrata is formed as a pouch and filled with leftover mozzarella and topped with fresh cream. After this procedure the burrata gets closed and tied up and moisted with whey and get wrapped in leaves of asphodel. When the burrata is sliced and served the thick cream flows out with it’s rich and butterly flavor that is utterly delicious!!! If it’s possible to have food-orgasm then this burrata is one of the main causes, a slice of the burrata combined with a slice of prosciutto gives an instantaneous feeling of fulfillment, satisfaction and pleasure……a pure divine moment.

Oenosteria restaurant 40, rue Grégoire de Tours Paris (75006)

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