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The Dior Heritage Box @ Le Bon Marché

The Dior Heritage Box - exhibition @ Le Bon Marché

This week I went to see the Dior Heritage Box exhibition @ Le Bon Marché. The installation was made by Alexandre de Betak and his design company Bureau Betak.  The exhibition touched me by all my senses…the Miss Chérie perfume had been sprayed and you could scent it immediately in the air, the music mixed with various speechs in the background perfectly matched the theme, the boxes, the typical signs for Dior such as the Medallion, the 18th century chair, the grey color and all the lightening effects was extremely perfectly done. I was completely amazed! I snapped many photos and also took some videoclips that I’ll share with you soon.

The beautiful Monica Belucci, one of Dior's front-face's

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