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Sweden – the dream of every French guy

@ Café de Flore, February 2011

Yesterday I went to the office of my friend Christophe, and met him and his friend. They’re working with a top-secret project and they wanted to show me the drafts. I was amazed…I can’t say more because I don’t want to reveal what the project is about. But I’m happy they took the ideas I had contributed with when we’ve met before and I got a very special gift for that contribution. Afterwards we went to Café de Flore and Café Germain for an after-work. Christophe’s friend is going to Stockholm later today, his very first time and he had bought three guide-books about Stockholm, I was impressed! I gave him some addresses on top of that to visit. I’m sure he will enjoy his stay in Stockholm, can’t wait to hear about his experience :-)

Everything you need to know about Stockholm :-)

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