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Somewhere else – Ailleurs

"Mirrorsite Build" by Andreas Angelidakis

“What we are missing, most of the time, is not the other, but ourselves: doubting our world, and looking for a meaning to life, we sometimes believe we will find it at the other end of the earth, anywhere and almost anyhow. But whoever has truly undertaken this journey – of which art is perhaps the most accomplished form – knows very well that, fundamentally, “elsewhere” is always here, and that others are its closest and most distant face, the first question that makes us want to discover and to construct new worlds”

Source: Espace Culturel – Louis Vuitton “Ailleurs” (a book about the exhibition)

Yesterday @ Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton, February 2011

“Somewhere else”“Ailleurs” February 11th-May 8th 2011 @ Espace Culturel, Louis Vuitton, 60 rue de Bassano

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  • Louise
    26 February 2011 at 4:55

    Hoppas du gillade våran nya expo! nästa gång får du komma ner till butiken och säga hej;)

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