Nightlife Paris

In between champagne, Barons and Thierry Lasry shades….

Linda Romanazzi, me and Thierry Lasry @ Le Baron (photo: Jean Picon)

Two weeks ago me and Linda went to Le Baron on a Lolita Lempicka party, they had decorated the club very nice and cozy like a secret garden! I took several photos with my camera Canon G11 that I unfortunately lost at Montana the same evening…..

If I and Thierry are the Queen and King of Montana…then our friend Linda is the Queen of Champagne..that’s for sure ;-) Only God knows how many glasses of champagne we had on our table between the Baron’s that evening….open-bar+Le Baron=dangerous combination!

Had a great time at Le Baron… and Linda met our friend Thierry and had fun trying his shades while having Baron‘s and champagne and mingling. It felt weird the Queen and King of Montana were partying at Le Baron so we all took off to Montana instead :-) While I was sitting next to a table @ Montana taking photos with my camera and when I was putting it back in my bag it must have fallen out somewhere close to the table. Since it’s so dark there I didn’t realize I had lost my camera until I was looking for it the morning after :-(

Happy though I found this photo taken by Jean Picon, I’ve already asked him for permission to publish it on my blog and it was ok :-)

Yusuke Kinaka, an artist and photographer working for Vogue Japon also took some photos on me and Linda… but I haven’t found those yet..perhaps later ;-)

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1 Comment

  • Linda
    23 February 2011 at 21:53

    Haha, it’s true that I am the queen of Champagne ;)
    That was a nice evening, hoping to have many more of those in the future, just shitty u lost your camera…
    Yusuke always take time to publish his pary pics, so we just have to wait….

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