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L’echelle de Jacob

Had a never ending partynight with Jo on Tusday. We started at L’echelle de Jacob, a cozy private bar and club in St Germain. I couldn’t find anything in their cocktail menu to choose so I made my own, champagne, vodka and apple pure. Almost like a Baron-cocktail and very delicious! While sitting there having a cocktail the cutest dog ever just jumped on my lap :-) He was so content laying there in my lap…. Seems to be very usual that dogs are going out aswell in the private clubs and bars in St Germain……

After a while two men (who where on a date) came and sat on the table next to us. One of the men, from NY (a fashion desiger) started to talk with us but the older one didn’t say a word. Before we were leaving we said bye and the old man told us we didn’t needed to say bye to him since we hadn’t talked with him. Strange, he was the one saying nothing during the conversation we had. He seemed to be very humiliated and while my friend went to the ladiesroom I asked if he also worked within fashion? Just to be polite and to include him in the conversation. He said NO, and that he worked with things that would be complicated for me to understand…… I don’t know why, because that I was not a man or because he thought I was working within fashion. I asked what exactly he worked with and he said 3-d modelling softwares for buildings. And when I told him I’m an Engineer and that I’ve been working with similar softwares he lost his words. Too bad some people are having prejudices….he judged me before he knew me. And IF I was working with fashion..that’s nothing wrong with fact the guy he was dating was a fashion designer so I don’t know how he was thinking. But since he was an Engineer himself and was working with High Technologies he thought he was better that the others…too bad. As long as you love your work I think that’s the most important and you should never underestimate others jobs.

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  • Patricio
    26 January 2011 at 23:37

    Solli FTW! :)

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