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My home-made Swedish meatballs

Home-made Swedish meatballs

I’m not a big fan of meat, but I do like meatballs and I love to make them from scratch rather than buy them at the supermarket.
Swedish meatballs is a must on the Swedish Christmas dinner table and they’re also one of the best known Swedish cooking specialties. I made some meatballs for our Christmas dinner at my moms this year and I would like to share my recepie if you would like to try ;-)

Swedish meatballs, Sollis recepie:

Ground beef, 2 eggs, 1 big onion, spices (salt and blackpepper) and crumbled dry bread and a bit of water.
1.Mix all the ingredients (I use to mix everything in a mixer because I hate when there are fat clumps in the meatballs)
2.When everything is mixed roll small balls (use some warm water to dip your hands in if the meatdough is too sticky) and fry the meatballs in a fryingpan with oil.
3. Bon appΓ©tit!

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    26 December 2012 at 8:40

    […] to only have the things we liked. I made my home made Swedish meatballs (you can find my recipe here), differend pickled herrings, salmon, eggs with caviar and the Jansson’s Tempatation I had […]

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