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Café Germain

Café Germain, 25 rue Buci, Paris

In my former sweet and beloved neighbourhood area Saint Germain you can find the restaurant and the bar Café Germain. It’s a restaurant owned by the Costes family (owners of more than 50 hotels, restaurants and cafés in Paris), the interior is pop-decorated and they have a giant Sophie sculpture made by Xavier Veilhan and the floor is made of black and white tiles…. I have been there having dinner’s a couple of times, everytime thinking that THIS time maybe the server will remember what we ordered? THIS time maybe we’ll get our food in time? Well, it was like wishing for snow during the summer in Paris– would never happen!

Café Germain

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  • Stephanie
    01 December 2010 at 15:21

    Är det ett nytt ställe.. har inte sett det när jag bodde där.. Isf har jag totalmissat det haha..

  • Ritournelle
    04 December 2010 at 2:46

    Hmmm… From what I’ve heard Costes restaurants are all about hype and not about quality of service –> the kind of places I’d rather avoid!

  • Alicia
    25 January 2013 at 17:40

    beautiful pictures. eloquent writing. I love your blog!

  • Solli
    27 January 2013 at 0:20

    Happy to hear Alicia!

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