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Ending of Paris Fashion Week @ Le Montana

@ Le Montana, Paris

@ Le Montana, Paris

Everything has an ending, including Paris Fashion Week :-( I have had loads of fun taking photos, I have met incredible fantastic cool people and I have ended every evening at Montana, as the rest of the people who knows where the party is at ;-) Every day each designer label have had their parties but there is always an after-party after each party and people have dropped in between 2-3 at Montana. Last time I was there I met James Goldstein , had to give him some compliment for his cool outfit. I had seen him outside Jean Paul Gaultier, Dior and Viktor & Rolf fashion show and always wondered who this cool man was. So I went and talked with him at Montana and I truly envy his life. He travels the world around and enjoy his life to the fullest :-) I also talked with Susan Tabak, one of the most up-to-date fashionistas in the world, check out her site and you will understand what I mean ;-) I also talked with the Swedish designer Johan Lindeberg who also was there partying, found out that we come from the same town in Sweden, Lund ;-) I didn’t take any photos during my last night at Montana but I just saw that my friend, Ellinor snapped one on James Goldstein on his way to Chanel‘s fashion show earlier this week:

James Goldstein @ Chanel fashion show

James Goldstein @ Chanel fashion show

(picture taken by Ellinor)

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  • Ellinor
    08 October 2010 at 22:51

    I was just wondering who that man was…now I’ve to find out more about the amazing travels your were talking about. Nothing is more inspiring than a person with worldwide experiences.

  • Marie
    08 October 2010 at 22:57

    Vad kul att hitta en blogg skriven av en svensk tjej som också bor i Paris! :)

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