Organic dinner in Provence

organic-risotto-1If Claudia would open up a restaurant in Paris you would have seen me there every single day. That’s how much I loved her food :-)

On my last evening she had prepared a delicious risotto (that she had boiled with whte wine) with haricots verts and yellow zucchini topped with spring onions and milled flax seeds. As a maindish she had made organic wheat pasta with freshly squeezed lemon juice, freshly cracked pepper, sea salt, blended with freshly grated parmesan cheese and topped with freshly cracked walnuts. Pure love!
The dessert was a total bliss….vegan lavendar custard served with fresh cherry coulis. Unfortunately my photo don’t do it justice, but if you are interested in trying to make this at home it’s very simple. Boil oat milk with cornstarch to ake a custard, add 2 drops of organic essential oil of lavendar, pour into ramekins and allow to cool.

Many thanks Claudia for sharing the recipies ;-)

La Vudèle – Provence

Photos taken with my Fuji Finepix x100s in July 2014

organic-risottorisotto with haricot verts and yellow zucchini
organic-dinner-1organic pasta with lemon and topped with walnuts
organic-dinnerorganic pasta with lemon
organic-dessertlavendar custard with cherry coulis

Gorges du Verdon

The Gorges du Verdon was definately one of the highlights during my holidays in Provence. Deep, wild and beautiful, the 21 km long Verdon river runs through breathtaking narrow rock walls. Hiking along it for a while before a heavy rain bursted from the sky was a great experience and next time I’m looking forward to plunge into this crystal clear water :-)

Gorges du Verdon Gorges du Verdon Gorges du Verdon Gorges du Verdon


quinson-20On my last, and second day, I went for hiking. I followed a path from La Vudèle, passed by the village Quinson, heading to the Gorges du Verdon…..

The beautiful village Quinson is situated in a valley surrounded by steep cliffs and forests..most of the houses in the village are built of natural stones and their shutters where painted in beautiful bright pastel colours adding lots of charm. The Museum of Prehistory in the center of the village is a must to visit. It’s one of Europe’s largests and is close to many of the sites where many ancient remains were discovered. Unfortunately I had no time to visit this museum, but will definately do when I’m going to La Vudèle next summer :-)

foret-quinsonSo many different shades of green…stunning view over the forests on my way to Quinson
olive-trees-provencePassing by an olive tree orchard on my way to Quinson from La Vudèle
olivier-quinsonPassing by an olive tree orchard on my way to Quinson from La Vudèle
quinsonHiking to the village Quinson
quinson-fontaineOne of the many beautiful fountains in Quinson
quinson-fontaine-3One of the many beautiful fountains in Quinson
quinson-4The village Quinson
quinson-1The village Quinson…empty on people on this Sunday morning…
quinson-2The village Quinson…empty on people on this Sunday morning…

Pool with a view

swimmingpool-provenceWhen Claudia and Jim e-mailed me a few days upon my arrival, to their home La Vudèle, telling me I should bring my swimwear if I wanted to enjoy their pool at their other house near the village Puimoisson I jumped out of joy :-) It’s not everyday you get to swim in a heated pool with breathtaking view of the fields of Provence. This is where we spent the afternoon after the Marché de Riez. Not bad?

provence-0020 chanel-nailpolish swimmingpool-provence-1

Marché de Riez

Marché de Riez
Best way of buying food is doing it straight from the local farmers, that is why I simply LOVE going to the organic market in Paris every weekend. Truly the highlight of my week.

Imagine how happy I got when Jim and Claudia asked if I wanted to join them to the marché de Riez on the Saturday morning? With Claudia‘s latest bargain, an old shopping cart with a grinding sound (great to have if you lose one and other in the crowded market) we took the car in direction to the village Riez.
Forget about superpolished, waxed apples, perfect shaped tomatoes or onions without any traces of soil…in a market you find fruits and veggies in all kind of colours and shapes, there is nothing called perfect and what they all have in common is that they all taste delicious, they smell good, and they have been fed with the love of the local farmers, could you ask for more?

Marché de Riez, every Wednesday and Saturday 08h00-13h00 – Place du Quinconce

Photos taken with my Fuji Finepix x100s

Marché de RiezFresh onions
Marché de RiezCherries
Marché de RiezOnions
Marché de RiezArtichauts
Marché de RiezVerveine
Marché de RiezTomatoes in all kinds of shapes and colours :-)
Marché de RiezTasty apricots
Marché de RiezHappy “marchand”
Marché de RiezDried lavender
Marché de RiezJim and Claudia buying organic veggies
Marché de Riezhoney from Felizia Pozzoni in La-Palud-du-Verdon
Marché de Riezhoney from Felizia Pozzoni in La-Palud-du-Verdon
Marché de RiezFresh baked bread, without chemicals or pesticides
Marché de RiezHomemade cakes
Marché de Riez

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