Marché Bastille


Marché Bastille – last Sunday I met up Parisbreakfasts for some oysterhunting. The idea was to buy some douzaines des huîtres..but ended up sharing a plate with fresh oysters on the spot instead (not bad having oysters as breakfast…..Paris breakfasts ;-) healthy, healthy!) and then set off to Arnaud Lahrer for some sweet desserts.

It was a long time I hadn’t been to Marché Bastille and it was quite fun to see all the different stalls with fish and seafood..we only have two fish mongers at Marché Bio (boulevard Raspail) the market I’m faithful to on Sunday mornings… However there is a section with organic veggies and fruits too at marché Bastille…and then ofcourse lots of cheese, meat, bread, olives, dips, cider, herbs, eggs, fresh milk and cream,..artisinal products, you name it.

If you’re looking for a real taste of Paris head to this big outdoor food market, marché Bastille with its 50+ stalls and you won’t get dissapointed. A unique experience among locals ;-)

Marché Bastille – Boulevard Richard Lenoir, 75011 Paris

marche-bastille-6The dirtier the better! Keep that in mind ;-)marche-bastille-8Jerusalem artichokes..or topinambour as they would say in Frenchmarche-bastille-10healthy greens!

Parisbreakfast and I shared an oysterplate…this was our brakfast :-)oursinsHuîtres de Normandie (oysters fr Normandy) and oursins (sea urchin) from IcelandhomardsLoads of fresh scallops!!huitres-1Des huîtres….huitres-2You could have a plate with fresh oysters right on spotradisPinky radishesmarche-bastilleloads of leeks…perfect for a yummie warming soup!huitres-3oysters..again!marche-bastille-1Marché Bastille must be the biggest outdoor food market in Paris ?marche-bastille-4 raieOne of my favourite fishes, raie (skate fish)st-jacquesThe biggest scallops I’ve ever seenoursin-2Oursins..finally I got to try one..not my cup of tea..moulesMoules…ready for a Moules Marinière..pain-anciennePain à l’ancienneolivesolives and dipsmarche-bastill-5and preserved lemons that I discovered on Parisbreakfasts blog not long ago…tempted to make Charlotte’s chicken tagine..but without chicken ;-)marche-bastille-7tomatoes and mushroomshuitres-4

La Gourmandise

arnaud-lahrerLa Gourmandise is THE pastry you just have to try if ever going to Arnaud Lahrer !!! You all know how much I’m into meringue pastries, always having the Himalayan Emperors at Miss Ko. Well..I’m telling you, la Gourmandise is the Rolls Royce version! In the photo above you’ll find la Gourmandise between Baba au Rhum and the St Honoré.

The base is French meringue with whipped cream with vanilla, a heart filled with raspberry marmelade..topped with lime zest and fresh raspberries. Very light dessert with flavours that goes so well with each other…like a dream….I’m living dangerously too close to Arnaud Lahrer’s boutique in St Germain. We had it in a take-away box and asked for two plastic spoons and headed out to in the sun exploring the Gourmandise. An experience that has too be repeated…

Next day, me and Parisbreakfast returned, are you even surprised? This time we left with a Citrus Cheesecake and L’Ivoire. L’Ivoire was more my cup of tea, with its light cream and passion fruit and mango filling on a coconut biscuit..tropical flavours <3

Arnaud Lahrer – 93 rue de Seine, 75006 Paris
arnaud-lahrer-2Pretty pastries…
arnaud-lahrer-3in different colours and shapes
arnaud-lahrer-4pastries at Arnaud Lahrer
arnaud-lahrer-01that millefeuille looks dangerously delicious….
arnaud-lahrer-02Kougn amann! Did you know Arnaud Lahrer is from Britanny where kougn amann is a speciality? These ones looks very good…
arnaud-lahrer-13The citrus cheesecake
arnaud-lahrer-06Take away box from Arnaud Lahrer
arnaud-lahrer-08with two pastries I’m sharing with Parisbreakfast
arnaud-lahrer-09Sharing is caring <3
arnaud-lahrer-12L’Ivoire and the citrus cheesecake
arnaud-lahrer-st-germainArnaud Lahrer’s chic boutique in Saint Germain, Paris

Le Jour du Macaron 2015

Have a macaron for a good cause! Ten years ago Pierre Hermé started le Jour du Macaron, people would get one macaron for free when donating to the Association for Cystic Fibrosis. Un don, un macaron!

I met Parisbreakfast outside Pierre Hermé in Saint-Germain on Saturday to do some donations, but to our dissapointment Pierre Hermé only participated in the donation part only on the Friday…who got time to go there after work? Not me…..everything is closed in town when I leave the office…however, other pastryshops members of the Relais Desserts were all in the entire weekend.

Arnaud Lahrer was one of them, where I made donations and had three macarons : Fine champagne, Mille Fleurs and Mangue Mandarine.

However it didn’t end there. La Gourmandise caught our attention…and we could not resist……to be continued!
Arnaud Lahrer -93 rue de Seine, 75006 Paris

vaincre-la-mucoviscidoseUn don, un macaron ! Le Jour du Macaron

macarons-arnaud-lahrerColorful macarons at Arnaud Lahrermacarons-arnaud-lahrer-04Arnaud Lahrer macarons

Waffles from Meert

As a souvenir from my daytrip to Lille I bought two waffles from Meert‘s boutique. One filled with their Madagascar vanilla and one with chestnut cream. They should be consumed within 10 days, but let me tell you this, if you have a sweet tooth like me, you don’t even need to count one day. Back in Paris I couldn’t resist the waffles and made myself a cup of tea, eager to enjoy them. The Madagascar vanilla is their classic flavour, but was way too sweet and had too much filling for my taste, while the one with chestnut cream was just perfect. These waffles are pretty soft, but I preferred to warm them up by keeping them slightly on top of my hot tea so that the filling started to melt a bit…..

This year their waffles comes in five different flavours: chestnut, lemon and citrus, speculoos, pistachio & morello cherry and Madagascar vanilla. Next time I go there I will try their speculoos and buy at least a box with 6 thin waffles filled with chestnutcream :-) A great reason for making a second day-trip to Lille, after all its more fun to visit the city where these waffles origins from.

meert-gaufres-03A cup of tea and waffles from Meert
meert-gaufres-02A true delight, a must-bring-home-souvenir from Lille
meert-wafflesVanilla and chestnut filled waffles from Meert
meert-waffle-vanillaHere guys, a close up on the waffle with vanilla filling…to heavy and sugary for me, but apparantly the best selling waffle at Meertmeert-waffle-3A few seconds above a cup of hot tea makes the filling melt…

Pulp Kitchen

pulp-kitchen-lilleAfter a long day in Lille we were ready for dinner. I had wished to try the restaurant Bloempot, but as they were fully booked…even for months ahead I did some more research and found an organic restaurant that seemed to be nice, Pulp Kitchen! No indications on the website with recommendation to make a table reservation, so when we arrived around 19h30 they told us all tables were reserved that evening. Dissapointed we left, but then we thought of why not asking if we could eat on the bar counter ? We had been looking forward their cuisine after all….and luckily they accepted. Pourquoi pas?

As starter I had a “hoummous de lentilles à l’indienne et son tartare de pomme et chou aux noix de Brésil” topped with some sprouts. What a taste sensation…it was so delicious that I hope to find the recipe..or maybe I should e-mail them? I love lentilles…. As maindish I opted for a vegetarian plate with tempura de légumes sur riz acidulé sauce au yaourt, crème gingembre citronelle et légumes de saison. Healthy, delicious and organic….what more can you ask for?

After all the sweets I had that day in Lille I wasn’t so sure if I should finish with a dessert, but when the waitress explained their speciality is the no-cheesecake I couldn’t resist. Its a “cheesecake” without cheese…but taste like it..or even better! What its made of? Cashewnuts ;-) Creamy and so yummie..have to make this at home.

As you can see, I got loads of inspiration at Pulp Kitchen. They also offer evening courses in how to cook without lactose and gluten. unfortunately, doens’t fit with my workinghours otherwise I would have gladly attended. But for all of you visiting Lille and are looking for eating well, with food made of seasonal fresh, organic vegetables and ingredients, I highly recommend Pulp Kitchen. A bonus is that everything here is gluten-free and lactose-free. Can’t get any better. Just make sure to make a reservation in advance.

Full and delighted after our dinner we left the restaurant around 21:05 and ran to the train station to catch our train (the LAST train) to Paris..and we made it, two minutes after we got into our wagon the train started to direction towards Paris.

Pulp Kitchen – 106 rue de l’Hôpitale Militaire, Lille

pulp-kitchen-lille-04My starter..a taste sensation..pulp-kitchen-lille-01vegetarian plate at Pulp Kitchen in Lillepulp-kitchen-lille-05Pulp Kitchen in Lillepulp-kitchen-04Pulp Kitchen – organic, lactose-free, gluten-free food at its best!

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