Angelina’s Millefeuille

Angelina MillefeuilleMillefeuille from Angelina

Sometimes when I long for the traditional French pastry Millefeuille, I usually go to Angelina, as they have one of my favourite ones in Paris. Believe me, I’ve tried and tasted millefeuille’s from various pastry shops, yet not many of them have the texture or taste as the delightful light Bourbon vanilla cream that fills the layers of Angelina’s caramelized puff pastry. What’s in between is important, believe me…I’ve had very dissapointing experiences. The layers of Angelina’s millefeulle are perfectly thick and got a tasty caramel crust..while the vanilla cream filling is light and simply heavenly.

As I live nearby Angelina‘s shop at Rue du Bac and pass by their vitrina quite often it’s very hard not enter the shop and leave with a sweet treat. Now I believe I’ve had my dose of millefeuille and what’s next would be their Mont-Blanc praliné that is only for sale during a limited period. Have any of you guys tried it yet?

Angelina108 Rue du Bac, 75007 Paris

Photos taken with my Nikon D5100 35mm f1.8

Angelina MillefeuilleMillefeuille from Angelina….who can resists ?
Angelina MillefeuilleNot me…
Angelina MillefeuilleLook at those crispy thick caramelized layers….
Angelina MillefeuilleMillefeuille, a delicious treat from Angelina that never dissapoints me ;-)

After Work at Miss Ko

Miss Ko in Paris
Sushi in good company can not go wrong..especially not at Miss Ko. A few photos from an after-work, as you by now know I completely love their Himalaya of Emperors I though it might be good with a change and chose their Miss Pavlova, their version of pavlova with a yuzu-lemon pie and fresh meringue. Pretty on my plate but not a dessert I would have again.

Miss Kō – 49/51 avenue George V, 75008 Paris

Photos taken with my Fuji Finepix x100s

Miss Ko in Paris Bubble tea
Miss Ko in ParisLove that their dessert menu comes as a passport and a boarding pass to Hong Kong
Miss Ko in ParisCheezy – red berries yuzu cheesecake
Miss Ko in ParisCheezy to the left and to the right L’Ombrelle de Matcha,
lemongrass “crème brûlée”, matcha green tea ice cream

Miss Ko in Paris Miss Pavlova, a yuzu-lemon pie, fresh meringue and red berries

Eclair Mont-Blanc from Angelina

Angelina Eclair Mont BlancAngelina’s Eclair Mont-Blanc

Walking on Rue du Bac is quite dangerous…so many chocolate boutiques and pastry shops with temptations, quite hard to resist. Often I find myself in front of the vitrinas of Angelina, trying to convince myself I deserve a sweet treat by the name of Mont-Blanc…..there is always a moment for a delicious pastry :-)

In an elegant black box I brought home my latest victim from Angelina, their éclair Mont-Blanc that I was curious to try. As a big fan of Angelina’s signature pastry, Mont-Blanc, I thought it would be nice for a change….
This éclair, as you can see, is inspired by the pastry Mont-Blanc, covered with chestnut cream vermicelli, a choux pastry filled with chestnut mousse and topped with mini meringues.

Even though the éclair was a delight I prefer their Mont-Blanc. After all I’m not very much into éclairs…..But for those of you who like éclairs this one would be a nice alternative to try ;-)

Angelina108 Rue du Bac, 75007 Paris

Photos taken with my Nikon D5100, lens. 35mm f1.8

Angelina Eclair Mont BlancThumbs up when you get your pastries packaged in elegant boxes like this :-)
Angelina Eclair Mont BlancA close up on the éclair Mont-Blanc from Angelina
Angelina Eclair Mont BlancFor those who wonders, my nailpolish is from Chanel, color: Rose exuberant
Angelina Eclair Mont Blancéclair mont-blanc from Angelina
Angelina Eclair Mont BlancA sweet delight !
Angelina Eclair Mont BlancTo be found at Angelina in Paris

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